"I show companies how to grow their top and bottom line by improving their ability to manage innovation. I specialize in small to medium sized businesses."


 Jeff Groh


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What's the benefit?

How are you going to grow your business? Every company relies on market growth of their core products and markets, but that is not enough. So, you look to expand to other markets with incremental products or expand to other geographical areas with existing products. Alternatively, you consider acquisitions to expand revenue. 

But what about innovation and developing new products? That should be a core strategy, but it is challenging to do well, especially for SME's who don't have the resources of a larger company. 

Innovation can lead to both short term and long term benefits, increasing revenue and earnings growth. Most companies can achieve at least 10-20% improvement in top line revenue growth and earnings growth of >30%. 

About Us

Who we are

MyInnovationCoach is the training organization of New Product Visions, an innovation management consultancy. Jeff Groh, principal consultant, has over 30 years of industrial experience in new product development, marketing, customer support and sales. His passion is helping companies realize their potential to innovate, avoid common mistakes, and achieve a better return on their innovation investment.  

What we do

We help companies improve financial performance by improving their ability to manage innovation and drive successful new product development. We specialize in small to mid-sized companies, and focus on processes, organization and culture. We take a systems approach to innovation management. Our motto is “…we don’t have all the answers…we help you find them…”  

How we do it

We offer the SME Innovation MasterClass, a 2-1/2 hour live webinar that provides the tools and concepts any SME must master to energize their ability to grow revenue and earnings through innovation. In addition, the SME Innovation Training Course provides an on-demand, online training platform that features multiple modules that offer a deeper treatment of the topics covered in the MasterClass.