Innovation Management Training


The SME Innovation Training Course is an online, on-demand training course. It consists of multiple modules that provide a deeper treatment of the topics covered in the SME Innovation MasterClass. The content is constantly being enhanced, so see the "Find Out More" link below for the current modules. 

Modules consists of recorded presentations, exercises, reference material, case studies and module tests. You can access the material in any order and revisit as often as desired. Once you register, you have one year to access the course and all the reference material. Once you complete the video modules and the test that accompanies them, you will receive a certificate of completion.   

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Who Should Participate

  • CEO/President/Owner - whoever is responsible for financial performance
  • Other Senior management
  • Functional managers involved with innovation - Mfg/R&D/Marketing/Product Management
  • Project managers
  • Other key employees involved with innovation

How to Register

The training course costs $195, but for a limited time, use promo code "Promo19" and register for $50! See link below to register. The course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.